Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peter Thomas Roth Illuminating Moisturizer and other makeup discoveries

This week has been all about makeup as Monday night I went to be a model at my friend's Mary Kay eye makeup class.

Here is a quick Iphone snapshot of the look...

The second one is my sister who has been hanging out with me for a while before going back to Holland mid-feb.

I don't know the products very well, but I have been a fan of the eyebrow gel, and now I would like to get the Satin Lips lip balm (loved, loved this product), the Mineral Powder and their fabulous mascara (It's really, really good to volumize the lashes).

This week I also discoverd the Peter Thomas Roth Illuminating Moisturizer. It makes your face look all fresh and dewy (and not oily!).

This product can be purchased at Sephora, but it's around 45$!

What are your favorite products? What can you not live without?


SOFIA said...

you are wonderful!)

Emm_DF said...

Thank you so much Sofia! I checked out your blog and I love your illustrations!


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