Monday, June 29, 2009


So yoga and backbending....

And dance and backbending...

I've always felt like backbending is a great way to clear a lot of the accumulate junk I feel sometimes. I love the cobra and sphinx poses in yoga, yet those are the ones that I also dread doing because the feel so intense.

Making wepages while no one is looking...

I gave my sister a dress this morning. I dream of creative work...of taking pictures of random strangers and beautiful back tattoos.

One day I will get a tribal elephant tattoo right in the middle of my back, in the heart space....Or maybe a word here on my ribcage. I like the sentence: There are no shortcuts from the movie An Education

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend in Toronto

Photo credit: Kathryn Palmateer
June now, long time no posting. I still need to get over the self-conscious part of exposing information to an undetermined amount of people. I went to Toronto this weekend to have my photograph taken for a great project:

Photo: Kathryn Palmateer

I just love the energy of Toronto: artsy, chaotic, diverse...I can't believe I waited 12 years to go back!!!!

Definetly going back soon.

Labels I have discovered recently: Mink Pink, Sophomore, Sessun...More post on them soon.


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