Monday, March 30, 2009


Hobo Magazine
Wolves, horses...It all started flipping a copy of this magazine while spending the summer in Victoria...
I realized that I HAD to work in some kind of photo-art-fashion related job or I would not be able to sleep properly ever again.

Thank you Hobo, and Habit Coffee in Victoria.

Credit: Hobo Magazine

Friday, March 20, 2009

41 minutes to birthday girl in Thailand

Launch of my blog: Polished Rawness today, March 20th.

In 41 minutes my baby sister will be 24 in Thailand. This is for you. Fun pictures live from Ottawa:
Beautiful home made haircut,
fake glasses
crazy gold and pink jewlery.

I owe it to you since you save me from an ugly hippie returning to the earth-I don't care what I look like style. Sure the dreads where nice for a while, but remember that loose green indian peasant skirt? Mmm... Yes happy to have moved on to happier clothes.

Send some Thai sun!



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