Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am in love

Photo Sessun
With Sessun's Fall/Winter 09/10 collection. Beautiful, beautiful clothing and ambiance. Check out their website, and listen to Leonard Cohen's Famous blue raincoat, sung by Marissa Nadler.

This is love at first sight at it's best....ahhhh
Can't wait to see the next collections at Sessun. I was lucky enough to drop by there store on rue des Charognes in Paris in last January....and wow...I wish I could of brought back so many things, but my suitcase was already too full!

Monday, June 29, 2009


So yoga and backbending....

And dance and backbending...

I've always felt like backbending is a great way to clear a lot of the accumulate junk I feel sometimes. I love the cobra and sphinx poses in yoga, yet those are the ones that I also dread doing because the feel so intense.

Making wepages while no one is looking...

I gave my sister a dress this morning. I dream of creative work...of taking pictures of random strangers and beautiful back tattoos.

One day I will get a tribal elephant tattoo right in the middle of my back, in the heart space....Or maybe a word here on my ribcage. I like the sentence: There are no shortcuts from the movie An Education

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend in Toronto

Photo credit: Kathryn Palmateer
June now, long time no posting. I still need to get over the self-conscious part of exposing information to an undetermined amount of people. I went to Toronto this weekend to have my photograph taken for a great project:

Photo: Kathryn Palmateer

I just love the energy of Toronto: artsy, chaotic, diverse...I can't believe I waited 12 years to go back!!!!

Definetly going back soon.

Labels I have discovered recently: Mink Pink, Sophomore, Sessun...More post on them soon.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hobo Magazine
Wolves, horses...It all started flipping a copy of this magazine while spending the summer in Victoria...
I realized that I HAD to work in some kind of photo-art-fashion related job or I would not be able to sleep properly ever again.

Thank you Hobo, and Habit Coffee in Victoria.

Credit: Hobo Magazine

Friday, March 20, 2009

41 minutes to birthday girl in Thailand

Launch of my blog: Polished Rawness today, March 20th.

In 41 minutes my baby sister will be 24 in Thailand. This is for you. Fun pictures live from Ottawa:
Beautiful home made haircut,
fake glasses
crazy gold and pink jewlery.

I owe it to you since you save me from an ugly hippie returning to the earth-I don't care what I look like style. Sure the dreads where nice for a while, but remember that loose green indian peasant skirt? Mmm... Yes happy to have moved on to happier clothes.

Send some Thai sun!



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